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Love Explosion

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The subtle sparkle of our Love Explosion Valentine's Day Card is accented by a super cute laser-cut heart design. An intricately cut center heart is surrounded by smaller floating hearts on this beautiful card. 

Open this Valentine's Day card and enjoy a pink and red three-dimensional explosion of paper hearts outlined with whimsical X's and O's and scroll embellishments. 

This Valentine's Day card was created with fun in mind, not too serious but full of whimsy. Valentine's Day is fun, and this card embodies the spirit of a good time. Surprise your Valentine with a paper explosion of love. 

This pop up card is an excellent choice for Valentine's Day but can be used any time of the year. Gift this card to someone who makes your heart skip a beat and watch their delight as your sweet sentiments come to life before their eyes in 3D pop-up form.