Jacaranda Tree
Jacaranda Tree

Jacaranda Tree

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At Lovepop, we love a good tree card. The Jacaranda Tree pop-up card is the most majestic of all. With laser-cut green pinnate leaves and lavender and violet bell-shaped flowers, our newest member of the tree family appears, as our designer Joe puts it: “infinite.” 

Flourishing in tropical to subtropical climates, ethereal Jacaranda trees create canopies of color (and leave behind their signature sticky petals) along the streets of Johannesburg and southern California. But it was the pop of lavender the Jacaranda brings to a countryside that inspired Joe to create this card. “I am looking forward to seeing this tree in real life, because I’m sure it will be a very magical experience,” he says. “But until then, I will keep a paper pop up version close by on my desk.”